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AAPD Missive December 2014

Advancement in the speciality of Paediatric Dentistry


As President of the Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry, I feel that we have overcome the “forming, storming, norming and performing.......” and am grateful to not only those on the committee but also co-opted members for bringing a different perspective to National and State issues.

Politically, Federal Politicians have been aware of our presence and the Dental School of Adelaide has been retained by The University of Adelaide after much lobbying. The Health and Biomedical precinct at the western end of North Terrace will now contain the Medical School, Dental Clinical component, Nursing School and the Robinson Institute.

The linking pieces were “7.30 Report” ABC TV Fri 7 Nov (Attachment 6). “7.30 Report” had its last programme on Fri 5th Dec 2014.


John, I am sincerely grateful that this is now in place and is being continually updated. Yes the AGM is now advertised – time and place.
The committee and members are all asked to contribute positively to the continued success with notes from conferences attended and other high tech developments – eg “high tech bracelet”. 


The Minister is aware of the influx of 942 new dental graduates for 2014/15.
That which is required is 520 each year. Currently 375 come from overseas in 14/15.
The deregulation of University fees poses a problem for the Minister for Education.
The devil may be in the detail, but the fees for dentistry in Columbia and UCLA appear to be $106k- $112k per annum. In Adelaide the fee is $A66k p.a. for overseas students.


Minister Dutton appears unmoved by the plight of those requiring dental treatment under general anaesthesia. We know that in 2010, 8114 children had dental general anaesthetics and at a cost of $1500 or $2000 per hospital day-stay this is only $12m-$16m. The Fund has 3.4m @ $500 - $1,700m and only $205m has been spent in the first 9 months (end Sept 2014). Est. under $275m for 2014 i.e. $1425m remains unspent.

Trauma is another area where $ should not be spared for those who have exceeded the limit of $ dental treatment and who find themselves then being provided with extractions as the only remaining treatment alternative.

We know that 22-25% of patients will use a “free” tax-payer funded system and 75% of caries is in 25% of the children.

We have difficulty also extracting any of the unspent $ for the Federal contribution to the Adelaide Dental School/Dental Hospital – despite wanting $45m where Qld got $134m for their new dental school which opened in Nov 2014. (at least someone won!)


Tenders were called for the ability to provide a service for SA Health and train students on card holder patients. All caused by a stand off between the Vice Chancellor and the Minister for Health (SA). Tenders closed on 9 July so probity rules applied until 6 October. BUT I had met with the Premier at an Oz-Asia Festival on 7th July and forwarded details on 8th July. As “tenders were in place” on 9 July, a meeting was not inappropriate.

Nonetheless, I met with the Minister for Infrastructure and suggested a ‘Hospitality Hotel’ for the Health and Biomedical Precinct – as such it could also take new mothers and babies (healthy) instead of the Hilton Hotel, and take the overflow of “Ronald McDonald House” (15 units) which is continually full. The new Women’s and Children’s Hospital is due to be built in 2023. [The Minister for Infrastructure subsequently announced “Fast Track for Hotel” within 3 weeks!]


Held in Brisbane 31 Oct 2014 was a well presented and classy act – well done Sue Taji and husband Farid.

Prof Nigel King was the keynote speaker and held the audience well. Politically the Taji tag team did well to have Minister of Health Lawrence Springborg to open the day. He was well in command of his portfolio and the needs and demands of dental patients. A pity he is not friendly with Minister Dutton to help with the CDHBS!


The following were inducted as Fellows at the 50th Convocation of ICD held in Sydney on 25th Oct 2014.

Dr Kathryn AYERS, Dr Lawrence BOURKE, Dr Matthew FRACARO, DR Juliette SCOTT

We congratulate them upon attaining Fellowship status and acknowledge their continued service in paediatric dentistry. Attachment 8.


Dr Katie Ayers is to be congratulated upon being selected by Colgate Australia to represent Australia in the senior Dental Leaders Programme in Boston 1-6 Mar 2015.
[scooping the pond this year Katie!]


AAPD Banner for 11-12 Nov 2015. Attachment 13


EAPD Vol 15 Issue 6 – Attachment 14.


Peter Gregory, Nicky Kilpatrick and Richard Widmer are to be congratulated upon their reappointment to the College Council for 2014 – 2016. Attachment 15

2015 Kelner Memorial Conference in Paediatric Dentistry

Philadelphia, 25 Feb 2015 – Attachment 16.


November Communique Attachment 17.

AGM Date and Nomination Form

Rydges Southbank Brisbane (9 Glenelg St, Southbank QLD)

Saturday 28 Mar 2015, 7.30am – 9.00am

Nomination form – Attachment 18


ADAVB started the programme in 2011 and well done Karen in being there as a paediatric dentist.

I know that we had a chat in Sopot at EAPD and you told me that you would never miss a breakfast so that you had the opportunity to network with colleagues – well done and all the best for the future.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas and add a link to Sainsbury’s in 2014, kind of makes you think.

PJW Verco
Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry


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