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President’s Missive - April 2014

Advancement in the speciality of Paediatric Dentistry

1. Child Dental Benefit Scheme

A summary of the areas of concern was forwarded in the February Missive. These still remain:

Terminology Review

No Lower Age Limit

Treatment under General Anaesthesia

Target Population

Rural and Remote Areas

Dental Trauma

A further Email was sent to Minister Peter Dutton on 4 April 2014 requesting dialogue with the Minister following the first 3 months of the project for continuing review. Still no acknowledgement.

The comments from practitioners would be appreciated before the meeting of ADA – Affilicated Societies in Sydney on 14 May 2014.

2. Affiliation of AAPD with NZDA

During his Presidency Dr Peter Gregory set up the affiliation of AAPD with NZDA but it appears that this was not followed up and that it had been lost in trans Tasman correspondence.

However, with thanks to Katie Ayers and Erin Mahoney, we have now completed the exercise with the help of Dr David Crum, our new Constitution (2013) and By-Laws etc. The appropriate correspondence is also attached.

3. RACDS 22nd Convocation 10-13 April 2014

Paediatric Dentistry was well represented at the 22nd Convocation held in Surfers Paradise. Guest speakers Dr Kathryn Harley has been able to mix a distinguished professional life with that with her family with 3 children as well. Dr Frances Andreasen has also had an international career and the theme of her talks was “Hands off – and save the teeth”.

On the dias: Dr Peter Gregory – Councillor Dr Nicky Kilpatrick – Councillor

Fellow admitted to the College in a Specialist Dental Practice Discipline Dr John Sheahan (2005)

Member admitted to the College in a Specialist Dental Practice Discipline Dr Matthew Fracaro (2014)

Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry

Presentation of Presidential Commendation Prof. Nicola Kilpatrick (2010)

Presentation of Meritorious Service Award A/Prof Angus Cameron (2014)

Speaker: Prof David Manton “The Early Carious Lesion – detection and healing” Chair of Sessions: Dr Peter Gregory: Dr Erin Mahoney

It is always gratifying to see that the strong Paediatric Dental representation has contributed to the mentorship of our colleagues and the continuing success of RACDS.

4. ADA – Affiliates Meeting, Sydney 14 May 2014

Currently it is our intention to discuss the following: 1. Child Dental Benefit Scheme – Review

5. EAPD Sopot, Poland 5-8 June 2014
6. SIDS: Now found to have amyloid precursor protein in SIDS patients.

Same as for asphyxiated patients. (Advertiser 17/04/14).

7. Small Private Hospitals viewed as death traps (Advertiser 17/04/17).

Warning being that medically compromised patients should be treated in hospitals with an ICU (see scanned attached).
It had been suggested that GA’s be performed in dental surgeries, not hospitals, so that CDBS rebates could be paid. I humbly believe that the medically compromised children so treated would be at risk. I have suggested that Guild Insurance also be asked for a professional opinion.

PJW Verco
Australasian Academy of Paediatric Dentistry 

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