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President’s Report - March 2014

Advancement in the speciality of Paediatric Dentistry

STAMFORD PLAZA, 111 Little Collins Street. 27 February 2014


On 3rd April 2013 I was elected unopposed as President of AAPD. With the Office I hoped to bring experience as a Past-President of ADA (SA Branch) and ANZSPD (Federal) to the table:

In the past I have also served on:

  • Postgraduate Committee in Dentistry
  • ADA – Government Liaison Committee
  • ADA – Dental Trade Committee
  • Dental Faculty of The University of Adelaide
  • Council of Professions
  • Dental Policy and Implementation Review Committee
  • Public Relations Sub-Committee
  • Children’s Services Liaison Officer
  • ADA (Health) Funds Liaison Committee


The new Constitution and By-Laws have taken a little to get used to. However, we have worked within the parameters not only to broaden the Committee but also to come to terms with the AGM and notice given.

  • Standing Committees:
    • Membership Credentials and Ethnics Committee: Prof David Manton
    • Meetings Committee: Prof David Manton
    • Constitution and By-Laws: Dr Peter Gregory
    • Standards of Dental Care:
  • Other Provisional Committees:
    • Course Evaluation/Accreditation Committee: Prof David Manton
    • Advocacy Committee: Dr Ed Alcaino Dr Joe Verco
    • Postgraduate Committee
    • Schedule Committee
  • Parliamentarian Dr Peter Gregory


Some of our members received International Honour Awards and they are to be congratulated:

Fellows of the International College of Dentists

                  Dr Fiona Bell

                  Dr John Winters

Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy

                  Dr Sarah Raphael

                  Dr Ed Alcaino (in absentia)

                  Dr Peter Wong (in absentia)

Fellows of the Academy Dentistry International

                  Prof. David Manton

                  Dr Fiona Bell

It is regrettable that resignations were received from the Secretary, Vice President and later from the Treasurer. I wish to thank them for that which they provided in a short space of time.

Suffice it to state that some of the accusations were spurious and accountability was not as it appeared.

Nonetheless, due process has been helped by Dr Peter Gregory and Dr Sue Taji who accepted the portfolios of Secretary and Treasurer.

Other senior members were co-opted:

  • Dr John Winters (WA)
  • Dr Ed Alcaino (NSW)
  • Prof. David Manton (VIC)
  • Dr Erin Mahoney (NZ)

The Committee has met face to face in the Adelaide Airport for Committee Meetings on two occasions and brought the Academy to a much more professional and  accountable level.

Our voice as an Affiliated Society of the Australian Dental Association and hopefully of the New Zealand Dental Association now shows strong regional representation and purpose.

Although Dr Peter Wong sent our subscription notices kindly after the AGM, followed by Dr Rebecca Eggers in April/May there seem to be some who still have not taken heed until October.

We now require the $A150 subs (not $NZ150) and have provided members with a SWIFT CODE for International Deposits. The Subscription Notice has been redesigned.

6.  IAPD – Korea

As President of AAPD I attended the 24th IAPD Meeting in Seoul Korea (12-15 June 2013). 58 of our Australian colleagues also attended.

I co-chaired a Session on Minimal Invasive Dentistry:

Speakers Prof Ulrich Schiffner, University of Hamburg, Germany and Dr Amr Moursi, New York University, USA. DMG sponsored the session.

It is essential that our region has credibility and regional standing. This also gave us an insight as to how well Asian international conferences are programmed. We have now a dossier of templates for AAPD, including acceptance and thankyou letters. Such protocol has not often been acknowledged.


Has caused a lot of mayhem.

As President, I sent a “Home Page” suggestion to my Committee on 19 April 2013, having looked at EAPD, IAPD, RACDS, ADA, ANZSPD, ASE, AAPD, ASA.

Dr John Winters took on the task .

Our website has had many hits per week from overseas and 7 months on we are all frustrated.

Sponsorship has been delayed.

Dr Winter will address us under Item 6.8.

Not to be daunted by the lack of ability to communicate, Zip Files of Submissions have been forwarded on:

  • 16 Aug 2013
  • 31 Jan 2014
  • 25 Feb 2014

This has been necessary while the website is under construction.


Once the website is in place the Committee and Co-opted members decided to then seek sponsorship.

Companies now require an appropriate budget rather than a $ sum as everyone has to be accountable eg Website, airfares for speakers etc.


The AAPD gives many thinks to Dr Soni Stephens for the heads up with the GUS. Submission with very little notice – 17 May 2013, despite it being hinted at in Sept 2012.

I give thanks to our small committee which at that stage was working tireless and very professionally.

We have produced:

Advocacy Statement
Submission: Grow Up Smiling
Submission: Dental Board of Australia – Scope of Practice
Submission: National Oral Health Plan
Submission: ADA VB Proposed Health Services
Submission: Health Workforce Australia
Submission: Australian and NZ Special Needs Dentistry (received)
Submission: Dental Board of Australia

“Competencies of 13 recognised dental specialties”


Affiliation has been sought 16/01/14

12. AHPRA Audits

Members have been advised of AHPRA audits and their relationship with Professional Indemnity Insurers. Jan 14.

13. Child Dental Benefit Scheme

A meeting with Minister Dutton took place on 18 Feb 2014 and six areas of concern were expressed:

  • Terminology review
  • No lower age limit
  • Dental Treatment under General Anaesthesia
  • Target Population
  • Rural and Remote Area Patients
  • Dental Trauma

14. The AGM

Yes we all thought that 30 days notice was required for the AGM. As Captain of the ship we discovered we had 53 days and not 60 for any inconvenience caused I apologise.

I thank Dr Rebecca Eggers for questioning this with an appropriate email.

A legal opinion was sought at the suggestion of Dr Ed Alcanio, and as members were elected initially for a 2 year period, administration can proceed without elections and without constitutional changes as advised.

I wish to thank Dr David Manton for organising today and for all those who have helped mentor our post-graduate students.

Our speaker Prof. Peter Parashos has an impeccable pedigree and has added to our academic mix. Thank you.

16. ADA – Affiliated Societies

Meeting is scheduled for May 2014 and any points of interest to be raised should be lodged with our Secretary Dr Sue Taji.

It is my intention to attend:

  • 12th Congress of EAPD in Sopot Poland 5th – 8th June 2014
  • 25th IAPD Congress Glasgow Scotland 1st – 4th July 2015

Lastly, this last year has been tough work, we are a small elite group, affiliated with the ADA. Often we have been sidelined by other groups of our colleagues, but cohesively we have come a long way and I have appreciated those who have travelled to the day meetings in Adelaide Airport conference centre. For the record Sydney Airport conference rooms do not open for business on Saturdays. The face-to-face meetings have been excellent, and is interesting to note the most of our committee is made up of Fellows of the Pierre Fauchard Academy (coincidence).