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Incoming AAPD Correspondence Requesting Further Funding

Advancement in the speciality of Paediatric Dentistry

Document (PDF) Incoming AAPD Correspondence Requesting Further Funding

Dr Joe Verco
20 February 2014.

Dear Joe,
Two years ago the AAPD donated funds to help establish a dental service for children with clefts at the National Pediatric Hospital in Phnom Penh. This project is being run under the NGO called Friends of Clefts in Cambodia (FCIC). The funds from AAPD were used to buy a range of dental instruments and materials for the clinic, and I am happy to report that the clinic has been running very well since then. Several hundred children with clefts have been seen and treated. Two orthodontists provide orthodontic care and NAM/feeding plates, and two dentists provide dental care. FCIC receives referrals from 3 cleft surgical teams, and have developed good links with audiology and speech language therapy services (although these services are still very limited in Cambodia). We are gradually moving towards our goal which is to establish multidisciplinary cleft care in Cambodia.

I wonder whether the AAPD might consider further funding for the paediatric dental service for cleft children? We are particularly in need of stainless steel crowns, as well as more basic dental materials. Thank you for considering this request. A donation of $1000 would help us to continue the service throughout 2014.

On another matter, we are hoping to establish a Masters course in pediatric dentistry in Cambodia. Professor David Manton has offered to possibly start this off during his sabbatical later this year, but we will need other volunteer paediatric dentists to help teach the various modules in the course, and supervise some of the clinical treatment by the postgraduate students. The course will be run over three years. I would like to invite interested AAPD members to be involved in this project. Would the AAPD also consider providing some initial financial support for this project, to ensure that the postgraduate students have the basic instruments and materials they need to provide good quality treatment to children from low income backgrounds. Professor Manton can speak about this at your AGM.

Yours sincerely,

Callum Durward
Secretary, Friends of Clefts in Cambodia
Head of Department of Dentistry, University of Puthisastra, Cambodia