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Paediatric Dentist listing helps local patients find you

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When it comes to finding a specialist to look after their child’s dental health, parents are generally looking for two key things: reputation and location. In other words, they want to be sure that they can trust the paediatric dentist, but they don’t want to drag their child all the way across town to attend appointments.

The AAPD’s Paediatric Dentist listing page on the AAPD website meets this need, allowing the public to search for a trusted, registered paediatric dentist in their local vicinity.

To appear on the listing, paediatric dentists must be active AAPD members, and will be given the option to appear on the list upon registration. Existing registered members will have the option to opt in to the directory, and to update their profile details in the ‘My Account’ section of the AAPD site.

The AAPD is continually looking for new ways in which to better assist the needs of members, and it is hoped that the directory listing service is a welcome addition to existing membership inclusions.

Further information about how to activate profiles on the listing will be communicated to AAPD members in the coming weeks.